Dealing with Your Ex and Thanksgiving
by Dear DDD

offf he goes

Dear DDD,

Every year the holidays come and go and every year my EX comes and goes, traveling to his vacation home in the beautiful sunny skies, never looking back and has not a worry in the world. According to our custody order, my EX and I are suppose to alternate all holidays. Does he follow our court order? Of course not! He thinks he is the almighty and is above following the law. He finds every excuse not to take the kids – the best excuses are: “You isolate me from the kids” and “They don’t want to come with me because you make them feel so badly when they leave you.”  COME ON PAL, WAKE UP!  You don’t want to take the kids because it interferes with your new wife and kids.

In September, I emailed him and told him to make plans to take his children for Thanksgiving. His response: “Of course, they are always welcome to come with me – I am leaving on the Friday before Thanksgiving.” Wow, how convenient. HELLO!! Is anyone in there? Your kids can’t miss three days of school, tests, practices and live a life around your pre school children’s schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending the holidays with my children, but the thought of cooking for 25 people was not what I wanted to do this year.  I was really looking forward to spending the day in my pajamas, eating a turkey sandwich – and if I was really ambitious, I would add some cranberry sauce.

Would it be so much for him to stay in town for the holiday, have his new wife make a turkey (or at least order one), create a memory for the kids to look back upon, and most importantly make his children feel like they are a priority?

Gobble! Gobble! You selfish over-stuffed turkey.

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