Donald Sterling Divorce Drama
by Dear DDD

 How Donald Sterling's Adultery Puts Cheating on Full Display via @divorcedramaDear DDD,

All the talk today was about the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. I hope everyone agrees that the guy is a racist pig. To add to that degrading title, he is also a cheating liar.

I’m wondering: why isn’t anyone giving the mistress a hard time? She knew this rich and powerful mogul was married, but this did not deter her from starting a relationship with him. When are we going to stand up to the pretty little mistresses that destroy families?  This little princess is sitting back laughing at the controversy that she caused but she should also be brought down by women who have been lied to, cheated on and hurt by women like her.

Mr. Sterling’s mistress is now being sued by Mrs. Sterling for all of the gifts that her husband purchased for his mistress over the last few years. I think this is great! I only hope the court rules in Mrs. Sterling’s favor. The court system has been getting very hard on divorced single mothers. Many of the spousal support laws have been changing, leaving single mothers in a very difficult financial place.

If the court rules in favor of Mrs. Sterling this would set an example for all of the mistresses out there.

If they’re married then stay away…

If you want to play Pretty Mistress, Scandalous Lady,

Then you are going to have to pay. 

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