A Friend Going Through Divorce
by Dear DDD

Being there for a friend going through divorce. Share your relationship woes with the Madame of Divorce! via @divorcedrama

Dear DDD,

I recently had lunch with a friend, a soon-to-be member of the first wives club. I tried very hard to keep the conversation on everything but divorce. I’m tired of talking about it and, quite frankly, I sometimes get tired of hearing about it. I, too, need a break from it and just wanted a little fun girl time with a friend.

Everything was going great – we were laughing and talking about what’s going on with friends, family and then… she just couldn’t hold back. The EX conversation began. I wanted to swoosh my chopped salad in her face. I just smiled, listening to her bitch and complain about her EX and then I suddenly realized it: this was ME 9 years ago. Have a little pity on her, I thought. But, oh, come on!! I don’t want to hear about your narcissistic, pain in the ass EX! However, being the kind and loving friend that I am, I sat and listened to her complain anyway.

Have I labeled myself as the friend everyone can dump on? Maybe so. I guess when you accept the invitation to have lunch with a friend who’s going through a divorce, you should expect the conversation to be all about hers.

The way I see it, I helped a friend in need. I truly believe in karma… and I’m still waiting for a little good karma to come my way.

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