A Photo Competition With My Ex
by Dear DDD

A Photo Competition with my Ex via @divorcedrama

Dear DDD,

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of your children is priceless. Today, having a cell phone with a camera makes picture-taking, and sharing photos, easier than ever. At any given moment, I am ready; a snap here, a snap there, “Smile,” “Say Cheese,” and I can capture that special moment. My EX and I don’t often see eye to eye, and communication is usually a nightmare, but sharing photos with each other is where we excel in the co-parenting department. We are actually courteous to each other when we are sharing photos of our children. Sharing our photos gives each of us the ability to hold onto the memory of a vacation, special event or a time when our kids were just being silly. For years our photo communication has been great but recently our picture sharing has taken a turn for the worse.

The sharing has gone crazy… crazy to the point of having to file for photo separation. Our photo sharing has become a back and forth competition between us, of who can capture the best moment of our children, who is taking them on the best vacation, who creates the best time ever and who they are having the best time with.

I don’t mind the competition, but when my EX starts to play dirty, it means war. My EX recently took our children on a vacation. The photos he was sharing of our children were amazing until something went seriously wrong. On the third day of their vacation, I received a photo of my EX and his wife holding their children in front of a beautiful sunset. I was thinking to myself, “Hmmm, okay this is weird, but maybe he sent it by mistake.” On the fourth day, a picture came of his wife with our children. Hmmm, that’s weird, I never got a picture like that before. That evening more photos came, this time of my EX and his wife. At this moment my jaw started to tighten and my blood started to boil. On the fifth day I received at least 10 photos of my EX posing with our children. Enough is enough!

Our photo sharing was never about US being in the picture, it was about sharing photos of the kids. He was breaking all the rules of our photo sharing. I have never sent him photos of me, of me in a bathing suit or of me on a date (nor would he ever want a picture of me!) I was so aggravated, and more aggravated at myself for letting him get to me. He was playing dirty and he knew it. He knew he was winning the photo battle.

On the sixth day, I received photos of our children and more photos of my EX posing with them. For my sanity I needed to put an end to this madness.

Okay! I can play dirty, too. I decided to send him a text, but I should have waited until I was not so emotional.

“Dear EX, I love the photos of our kids, but for future reference your fat ugly face is not going to make it into my photo album. As for your wife and kids, they will not have a page either. Please stop wasting your time sending these photos.”

For now I guess our picture sharing has come to an end. It’s ridiculous that something so nice, sharing photos of our children, has turned into such a competitive and mean battle.

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